Sunday, December 18, 2016

Watch Jonah Falcon at 17:50 and Jim at 20:10

I personally HATE Jonah Falcon because all he does is TALK and BRAG and never does he really show it to us (especially erect). I think he is nothing but an over pumper who probably can't even get it up. Anyway here is a very rare clip of him actually naked before the cameras at the 17:50 mark. Also interesting is "Jim" who I, Harry Hungwell, have actually met in person (naked of course). He use to work for Dr. Gary Reinschild (now dead) who did penis enlargement surgeries. He basically told me "Yeah, Jonah's full of bullshit". If you look at Jonah's penis it doesn't look quite right. It looks like just a lot of hanging skin. Now he is unbelievably fat and gross and still labels himself as the man with the "world's largest penis". FYI the old troll on this video who "brags" about having the "world's smallest penis" was later discovered to be a hoaxer who said what he needed to say to get himself on camera.

click here for Jonah Falcon clip

click here for Jim video clip



    video of jonah falcon masturbating does not look like 13 inches

  2. How were you able to meet Jim?

  3. More of Jim please?