Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Harry Hungwell has stopped posting. Why?

I thought it was a myth and never thought it would happen to me but I believe I have developed something called PIED or "Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction." This is where the hydraulics of the penis seem to work fine and I can still get an erection while watching porn but have lost the ability to get it up with real men in real life. Having this happen a couple of times can quickly lead to a performance-anxiety negative-feedback loop which only compounds the problem. So I am taking a sabbatical away from porn in the hopes of restoring my natural functioning. This is Harry Hungwell, over and out.

The symptoms are this: you can get a hard on for porn but have difficultly keeping it up with real people in real life. This is a relatively new sexual dysfunction problem that has only come about with the invention of high-speed internet porn. In the olden days simply jerking off to Playboy (or Playgirl) and occasionally watching a slow-moving porn movie with stilted dialog was not enough to rewire your brain and cause erectile dysfunction. But today's 24 hour high-speed super-stimulating porn-on-steroids is a different animal altogether. It is happening today to VERY young men because the problem is not with the anatomy of the penis but rather with a rewiring of the brain.

As I understand it the treatment for this problem is to simply abstain from all porn and porn-like substitutes FOREVER. And to refrain from masturbating/orgasm for 2-6 months until strong spontaneous erections return and you feel like you are ready to try real partner sex again.

If would like to learn more a great place to start is the YouTube channel "Reboot Nation" Click here for Reboot Nation

This is a comical and poignant monologue by a very young man who struggled for years with porn induced impotence. Click here for Noah Church monologue

Another great resource is: Gary Wilson's

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