Sunday, November 22, 2015

Buddy Hollywood cock at 2:25

Clover and Matt Hughes Together

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Monday, November 9, 2015

Big Cocks on Mainstream TV Shows: JUST SHOOT ME

JUST SHOOT ME: "When Nina Met Her Parents" The David Spade character is seen nude in the sauna and the sight of his extra large wang leaves his male co-workers feeling inadequate and speculating how he could be so unlucky with the ladies with such a large cock. David Spade is rumored to be endowed in real life.

Big Cocks on Mainstream TV Shows: SEX IN THE CITY

SEX IN THE CITY: Season 2 “Ex in the city”: Samantha dumps a guy because his penis is too small. The next guy she meets has one that’s too big so she dumps him too. Causing Carrie Bradshaw to utter the memorable line: “You broke up with James because he was too small. This guy’s too big. Who are you, Goldicocks?

Big Cocks on Mainstream TV Shows: ACTION

ACTION: Jay Mohr plays a struggling movie producer whose ex-wife has married “Bobby G”: a gay wealthy rival of his who never misses an opportunity to show off his monster meat.

Big Cocks on Mainstream TV Shows: HUNG

HUNG: Thomas Jane plays a Gym coach whose life is going nowhere. After taking a motivational business class he decides to leverage his only unique asset by becoming a prostitute for women. Most of this shows humor came from his “pimp”: a middle aged idealistic hippie girl with ZERO business sense.

Big Cocks on Mainstream TV Shows: BORED TO DEATH

BORED TO DEATH: Jason Swartzman plays an amateur private detective whose loser friend Ray creates a comic book alter ego call Super Ray who uses his giant penis to fight crime.

Big Cocks on Mainstream TV Shows: EPISODES

EPISODES: A British husband and wife writing team come to Hollywood to adapt their hit TV show for American audiences. “Matt LeBlanc” is cast as the lead and uses his giant dick to create havoc by sleeping with everyone’s wives. This show is POSITIVELY HYSTERICAL. Don’t miss it.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Alex Jones