Sunday, October 19, 2014

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Lito Cruz at gloryhole

Young Preston Parker solo

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Straight Sex blowjob on HUGE unknown

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White Pony visits the gynecologist (straight sex)



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Thursday, October 16, 2014

American Horror Story to feature "freak" with 13 inch penis

I must confess I am OBSESSED with the TV series American Horror Story. The current season is called "FREAK SHOW". I have just learned that next weeks' episode (episode 3) will introduce the actor Denis O’Hare who will play a "freak" sporting a 13 inch penis. Whether the episode actually SHOWS IT like Boogie Nights or merely hints about it has yet to be revealed. The episode will air Wed. Oct 22 at 10:00pm on FX channel.

You can catch up with the first two episodes by streaming them HERE

I wonder if the man with the 13 inch penis will have any scenes with the sword-swallower???

So far in the first two episodes:

Lovely Angela Bassett plays a “woman” with three big boobs (yes they show them) and a penis.

The strongman was first married to the bearded lady and now his girlfriend is a hermaphrodite. Think he might have some sex issues?

A young hospital nurse was gang-raped by an orgy of freaks.

The young man with the oversized lobster-claw hands has used them to fist-fuck bored housewives at a house party.

Yes kids, this show is nice, wholesome all-American fun!

The creator of American Horror Story Ryan Murphy revealed that aside from being a con man, Denis O’Hare’s Freak Show character, Stanley, has a 13-inch penis. (Let the erection puns begin!) And surprise, surprise, O’Hare couldn’t be more thrilled with this huge piece of news. “Denis really loves his part,” Murphy teased just before adding, “because he plays a guy with a 13-inch penis and that’s all I’m going to say about that. So Denis has never been happier!”

So it makes for a nice change to see the actor no longer getting the short end of the stick — quite literally. Though I’ll be curious to see if Jessica Lange’s "Elsa Mars" is any more impressed with him this season now that his character’s got a little something extra to offer. (Hint, hint. Wink, wink.) I wonder if his ego matches his appendage. It’s a hard job, but somebody’s gotta do it. (Alright, I’ll stop.)

Is that a bulge in his trousers??

Below is a non-scary but fun clip from the first episode. Jessica Lange plays a Marlene Dietrich-type character who is the proprietor of the Freak Show and who dreams of using the freaks to springboard her own career to stardom. The song sung is a David Bowie tune called "Life on Mars". Lange's character is named "Elsa Mars" and the song features the lyric "It's the Freakiest Show". (I wonder what the sword-swallower is doing after the show? Hmmm?)