Sunday, October 26, 2014

Big Red

Friday, October 24, 2014

Will FREAK SHOW cut-off Stanley's 13 inch penis??

The opening credits of American Horror Story always tease us with cryptic hints about the characters and plots to be revealed thru out the season. It should be clear by now that the doll with a leg for a penis (third leg, get it?) is a veiled reference to the Denis O’Hare character Stanley.

american horror story 3rd leg gif

stanley the viking god

Last week he was in a hotel room with an obvious rent-boy dressed as a Viking and made the comment that every Viking needs a “sword”. When the rent-boy pulls down Stanley’s shorts we get a shit-eating-grin out of Stanley and an OMG! out of the rent-boy.

stanley the viking god

It makes me wonder where this 13 inch plot device is going? Unless Stanley’s penis is deformed in some way and he winds up in the Freak Show I think the show is setting us all up for the HORROR of Stanley having his penis cut off! Perhaps by Twisty the Clown. This is a HORROR show after all and what could be more HORIFYING than a well-endowed man having his thing cut off. It would give me nightmares for months!

And Lord knows this Horror Story series has a mile long trail of severed body parts. Including Denis O’Hare having his tongue cut off in last season’s COVEN.