Sunday, October 2, 2016

Story of the Biggest (and the smallest) cocks ever seen at Blacks Beach

I found this posting by a guy who likes to hang out at Blacks Beach in San Diego and take pictures of naked guys in the company of clothed females. He filmed the now famous footage of that guy with the footlong that was once thought to be Dick Rambone (its not). Below he relates the story on the biggest cock he has ever seen on Blacks Beach as well as the smallest. It provides quite a study in contrasts.

Mr Big Dick

A certain fellow became a bit of a celebrity at this famous clothing optional beach. He would walk up and down the beach stark naked displaying his incredibly massive penis for all to see. Ladies that came to enjoy the sights could not help but to stare at it as he walked by, often nudging their girl friends to take a look then all breaking out into laughter upon seeing it. Some girls would approach him and ask if they could photograph it, and he always accommodated their requests with a big smile.

I know this as I'd often see him walking and a group of girls would approach him, there would be an exchange and both would smile. He would then step back and face them as they whipped a camera out. He would put his hands on his waist, thrust his pelvis forward prominently presenting his very unusually large penis for them to photograph. You'd see them say "Thank you!" with big smiles then walk off, usually laughing about it. I'm sure they texted or uploaded their photo of his big dick to Facebook many a time. It's situations like that I find particularly enjoyable to see - female voyeurism along with the girl's bravery to ask being wonderfully rewarded.

When he he saw attractive girls, he would often approach them with his own camera, asking if they would photograph it. They always agreed and seemed to thoroughly enjoy photographing his unusually big dick.

Regardless of whether it was a pump, result of a surgical mishap or disease, or, just a physical anomaly, I don't know if I would ever use the word "natural" to describe it as it gave me a sense of being very unnatural. If it was how he was born, it was some kind of genetic mutation, just as some guys grow to over 8 feet in height. But one thing is clear, as he walks down the beach nude and swinging it, it certainly gives the girls something interesting to look at. Making their day fun is a great way to keep the females coming, so for that I thank this guy for putting it on display for their interest and amusement.

On the opposite end, there is a tall thin guy that has the smallest penis I've ever seen. it is under 1 inch in length and about as thick as a finger. All day long he parades up and down the beach stark naked. It is equally hard not to look at his abnormality, and I watch the faces of the girls as they past him - they usually break into laughter after seeing it. I think he may get off on others making fun of his little penis, which is why he presents it to the world in such a way.

I debated about whether or not to show the next set. I call it the "Michigan Man" because of the guy on the left with the blue University of Michigan cap he wears a lot. As you can clearly see, the man has an extremely small penis. In fact, it is the smallest penis I have ever seen on an adult male. The first time he walked past me a couple of years ago, it was hard not to do a double-take, it looked more like a big button than a dick.

Given his obvious tiny member, I questioned whether to post his photo showing his face, but then I realized this same guy is a regular at Blacks and spends all day walking up and down the beach flaunting his obvious lack of endowment.

I even remember in a previous year when he walked in front of the main (glider port) entrance to the beach right in front of two small children, a little girl and a little boy building sand castles. The little girl, who was about 6, looked up and said "Look! His peepee looks' like it was cut in half!" The little boy looked up and burst forth with a hard, guttural laugh while pointing at the guy's penis, which in turn drew everyone's attention. Further, that end has a lot more clothed people There were some girls sitting there (clothed also) that burst into laughter upon seeing the two children pointing at this man's little dick and laughing at it. The kids parents were also unsuccessful in suppressing their laughter, although I gave them credit for trying. The poor stark naked guy was facing all these clothed people as they all looked at his tiny penis laughing at it. He blushed and kept walking. At first I felt sorry for him, but then, I thought about how he loves to parade it in front of the world. I then came to the conclusion he had to be into small penis humiliation given his continuously flaunting it. It was the first and only time I can truly say I've ever witnessed real small penis humiliation with real women in person, as opposed to that contrived on the Internet.

Monster on Nudist Beach powered by XTube


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