Sunday, May 8, 2016

White Pony's real first name might be "Lothar"

The following is an excerpt from an interview with a female porn star. The interviewer refers to White Pony as "Lothar". Interesting how she suggests that his penis might have been altered. I am thinking the "big scar around the base of it" could have been the imprint of a penis enlargement pump or cock ring?

BM: Tell us about Lothar, The White Pony, from the GGG films.

K: The one with the massive dick? He WAS big. People asked me how I took DP like that, I didn’t know what they were on about, I hadn’t watched it. But then I put one of the films on my laptop and thought “Fucking hell, how DID I take that?”. But the funny thing is, I didn’t feel anything, I think it was because I was so relaxed and excited. I don’t think I could do that here because I don’t get excited like I did at GGG.

BM: Was his the biggest penis you’ve ever had?

K: Yes. I wouldn’t want any bigger.

BM: I don’t think they make them much bigger. It’s about the size of my arm.

K: (laughs) To me it looked like he had an extension, there was a big scar around the base of it, like it had been stuck on. It was weird.

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