Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Tell me your stories! Do hung guys in "real life" ever have comparison "contests"?

I have often wondered if guys that are "known" to have big dicks, either because they are famous for it, like Barrett Long or Chad Hunt, or simply thru locker room gossip, ever have other guys corner them in the men's room and say "Hey, if you think YOU have a big dick take a gander at MY giant schlong, sucker!" Does anyone have any real life stories to tell? I know Milton Berle and Forrest Tucker had one such "contest" on the set of "F Troop."

I know if I was giant endowed I would gladly compare with anyone if only to be able to gawk at other guys big junk. And maybe engage in a little sword fight!

Or what if there was money involved. "So rumor has you're packing serious meat. I'll bet you $50 bucks mine's bigger!" White Pony would make a fortune!

Do you have any true life tales? Do tell! Do tell!


Milton Berle and Ken Barry examine Forrest Tucker's huge penis on the set of "F Troop".

Chad Hunt and Barrett Long compare notes.

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